ROBS - Rollover for Business Startups.

Over 12,000 businesses funded since 2003, in the past 13 years our team has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients roll over millions of retirement dollars into the purchase of new businesses and startups. We took care of all the paperwork and took the hassle out of the purchase. We can do the same for you.

Not all business purchase firms are created equal. Let us show you the difference that years of expertise and help from valuable partners can make.

Why do owners trust Business Funding Trust?

No money upfront

You don’t pay us a dime until after our work is done. Too many other firms require their fee to be paid upfront, showing little trust in you.

No admin fees

We provide you with your own Plan Administration Kit instead, because only you know what’s needed for your business to succeed.

23 Years of Experience

Our reliable and experienced staff and business partners are here to be a valuable resource in your business purchase.

Questions about ways to fund your business purchase? Live Chat!

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