Business Funding Trust
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How to fund a business
  using your 401(k) or IRA money.

Save 40% in taxes and an additional 50% in fees.

 Fund your new business without borrowing money. 
No bank loans, no money or interest to pay back.

Since 2003, over 12,000 businesses have been funded this way.

How does it work?

With the passage of The ERISA Act of 1974, by having your new business adopt a retirement rollover plan, tax payers are allowed to invest their 401k or IRA funds into stock in their own companies.

We set up this plan with special features that allows you to self-invest your retirement funds into your own business, without taking a "distribution". No taxes charged with a "rollover".

The 40% you would have paid in taxes if you took a distribution can now go into your business.
Here is an example based on $100,000 in a retirement fund:

If you “take a distribution”
you will pay taxes and

early distribution penalties.

Balance in fund:            $100,000

Less taxes:                         -  41,000

Net cash:                          $ 59,000

If you “roll over” funds from
one qualified plan to another,

there is no taxable event.





We provide the expertise.

Over the past 13 years, our team has helped hundreds and hundreds of clients roll over millions of retirement dollars into the purchase of new businesses and startups. We took care of all of the paperwork. And we can do the same for you.

By the way, our fee is also 50% lower than what other firms charge because they add $1,200 to $1,500 a year in annual plan administrative costs. Year after year. We don't charge a dime.

Also, other firms require their initial fee to be paid in advance, before they deliver their services. I guess they don't trust you. We don't get paid until after our work is completed and you receive your money.

How does our fee compare to others?


Initial fee:
Annual fee:

Total First year:

Fees in 5 years:
Other Plans Available 
$ 4950    $ 5295   $ 6000

1050/yr  1550/yr  1200/yr

$ 6000    $6850   $ 7,200

Pay cash in advance or COD 

$15,450  $13,045 $12,000

Business Funding Trust
$ 4950

$ 4950

Pay us afterwards.
$ 4950

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What type of business are you looking for?
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Just starting to look for a business?
Still employed; will leave when find the right business.
Found a business I like; in the Due Diligence stage.
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Need to get funding lined up.

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